EcoTech RMS XR30 Tank Mount XR709-30 (190490)

Product no.: 115495

Adjustment range of the XR30 bracket: approx. 17 - 40 cm from the outside of the aquarium to the middle of the lamp

RMS Single Radion Tank Mounts - Basin Holders for Radions

there are two kits specifically designed for the XR15 and XR30 models.

Each kit contains everything you need to mount a radion with the pool holder - for almost all common pool tanks.

Each kit contains several adjustable extensions and an X-shaped bracket for rotating the radion.

The RMS kit is the better attachment for radion

Compatible with standard and pool basins: Covers most available basins.

Minimalist and attractive: Subdued design puts the focus on the pelvis and not the mount. Super easy to assemble: No drilling, cutting or holes necessary - assembled and assembled in minutes.

Heavy Duty: Very sturdy and sturdy metal and plastic construction - at least as durable as your pelvis. Multiple components: Different lengths allow different lengths to be mapped Integrated cable routing: Lets you route the cables of the Radion in the mounting system

Fine Tuning: You need to move your Radion forwards or backwards? No problem

Longitudinal or transversal: Due to the rotatable suspension, you can hang the lights along or across the pool

All inclusive

Holding arm, fixing, sliding rails*, t

he X-shaped holder and all necessary screws.

XR15 and XR30 different A

djustment range approx. 17 - 40 cm Aquarium outside to middle lamp



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