GNC SilverMoon Marine, various lengths (G-SMM_ _ _ _)

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High luminous efficiency

GNC SilverMoon is a universal LED lighting system, available in 7 different sizes and 4 different color spectrums that can be adapted to all aquarium types. The illumination of the SilverMoon LED is high and evenly distributed throughout the aquarium, optimizing the growth and color of the SPS and LPS corals.
A complete spectrum for reef aquariums with a combination of 10000 Kelvin white and Royal Blu 460 nM LEDs which allows the growth and development of the most difficult SPS corals.
Performance and reliability
The heat dissipation, of the SilverMoon in anodized aluminum, is passive. This allows noiseless use without special maintenance and extends the life of the LEDs. The energy consumption of SilverMoon is low. They are made of high quality materials and their safety power supplies, Meanwell, are highly efficient.
Replacement for T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes
With the CNG adapters it is very easy to attach the SilverMoon to the adapters of the older T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes of all conventional systems on the market.
Easy installation
A modern acrylic stand makes it possible to install SilverMoon on any aquarium from 35 to 165 cm. It is also possible to hang these on the ceiling using a stainless steel kit.
With BluRay lights...
Special acrylic elements, consisting of 2 parts, allow the attachment of the SilverMoon to a BluRay light. Thanks to this system, the SilverMoon can, if desired, be used as an additional light and oriented as needed by the reef.
Easy programming by Powermoon
With the Powermoon controller it is possible to easily program the photoperiod and the light intensity of the SilverMoon from from dawn to dusk. Up to 4 SilverMoon LED lights can be connected and programmed simultaneously with Powermoon.


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