Trop Tronic 1x 85 W UVC- sterilizer

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UVsterilisation is indispensable for fish importers and breeders, whether they are concerned with fresh or salt water fish as
there are non of the harmful side-effects associated with medical preparations. In fish breeding, it consistently results in
20% improvements in hatching rates, and higher survival rates amongst young fish, according to a survey of
discusbreeders who use UV sterilisation appliances. These sterilisation appliances are fitted with a UV - C - burner, with is
contained in a special quartz tube with a diameter of 40mm. This gives a large radiation surface. The extremly intensive
radiation with wavelengths of 2.54nmfacilitates considerably graeter rates of flow thanmorecommondegerminators. The
compact type of construction means that the sterilizer can be used with and integrated with any filtration equipment.A
thermal cut-out switch is included to protect the appliance, which will cut out, for example, if thepumpceases to operate or
in the event of the current supply running dry. The UV operation can be checked through a peephole in the burner casing
TheUVburnercanbereplaced without special toolsbyvirtue of thescrewconnectionandsocket connection.


Power supply with connectors


With the supplied hose connection nipples, the steriliser can be converted to hose connections. For this purpose, the nipples are glued into the glands.


Sterilizer with nipples for hose connection.

After approx. 10 000 operating hours, i.e. after approx. 1 year of uninterrupted operation, the radiation output has dropped to about half of the original output. Trop Electronic offers two ways to restore full performance. The first is the replacement of the complete burner unit in the quartz tube. Trop Electronic supplies complete burners that can be easily replaced. The second variant is cheaper. The used burner is sent to Trop Electronic for regeneration in a quartz tube. Trop Electronic disassembles the burner, removes the spent fuel element, checks and cleans the quartz tube, installs a new fuel element and reassembles the burner. When shipping, make sure that the burner (the fragile quartz tube) is buffered with sufficient soft packaging material to protect it from shocks.

Technical Data Article No.: 6/IV

  • Max. Flow rate:2500 liter/h
  • Max. Water volume:approx. 3000 litres
  • Total length:400 mm
  • Inlet/outlet:220mm Distance between inlet and outlet
  • housing diameter:63 mm
  • Fitting:clear width 15 mm
  • PVC Standard fitting 20mm for pipe or hose connection
  • Torch fitting:40 mm
  • Wall thickness Protective sheath:7 mm
  • Average life of the UV - torch:approx. 10 000 hours
  • Average wavelength:254 nm
  • Overheating protection:73 °C
  • Thermal fuse
  • Function check:Sight glass in protective jacket
  • Operating voltage:235 Volt / 50Hz
  • Devices for continuous operation:100% DC
  • max. Internal pressure:1 bar
  • Min Water flow rate:5 litres / h
  • Connection:Plug connection from burner to power supply unit 2m
  • Mains supply line with moulded-on Schuko plug 1m
  • switch on power supply unit
  • Dimensions of power supply unit:182 mm x 122 mm x 72 mm (L x W x H)

Scope of delivery:

  • UV burner
  • Protective jacket
  • Power supply unit
  • Hose connectors for inlet and outlet
  • Operating and installation instructions

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 29110337 Trop Tronic // Trop-Electronic GmbH

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