AQAMAI KPS Wi-Fi Smart-Wavemaker 4150 l/h (401101010)

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Aqamai KPS wavemaker

- wifi controllable - and adjustable speed 1400 - 4150 liters per hour

' Aqamai ' comes from the Hawaiian word [ah-kah-mai] which means " smart, cool, intelligent ".
Aqamai represents a new trend of smart devices for your aquarium. Aqamai was created on the basis of a collaboration of the extensive experience of Hydor and the new innovative trends of the internet.

The unique app can control all your Aqamai smart devices directly from your smartphone or tablet (versions for Android and iOS). The app is designed to be user-friendly and offers advanced technical possibilities.

It is easy to set up and manage. Simplicity is the key to Aqamai, you do not have to buy additional controls to manage your devices.

Dimensions: 63mm x 48mm (2.50x1.88in)
Flow capacity 1400-4150Lt per hour (370-1050gph)
Wattage 4-10 Watts
Maximum glass thickness: max 15mm (0.59in)
Recommended aquarium size: 40-200Lt (10-50 gallons)

IOS app

Andriod app

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