Filterset 10 inch // 25,4 cm // 4-parts

Product no.: 119129

The filter made of baked activated carbon powder has a particularly rough surface structure with many tiny chambers and channels. These have a very efficient capacity and remove or reduce free Chlorteilchen, solvents, fragrances, pesticides, inorganic substances, phenol, benzene and organic impurities.

The carbon block filter is additionally coated with a fine non-woven polypropylene, whereby an additional filtration of fine contaminants having a size of up to 3 microns (3 / 1000th of a millimeter) is carried out.

Removes or reduces:

free chlor
inorganic substances
organic substances

Technical specifications:

Length: 25.4cm / 10 inches
Width: 7.5 inches
Working temperature: 2 ° C - 45 ° C
Material: baked activated carbon powder / polypropylene nonwoven
Recommended filter change: every 6 months

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