DVH Bio Pellets All-in-One Advanced 400 gramm (16496)

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DVH All-in-One Advanced Biopellets have a unique microporous
structure combined with a secondary facilitator to bind acids and
nutrition. This provides both external and internal support for
‘limiting and denitrlfying bacteria which allows them to work
5-10 times more efficient than normal Biopellets. Maintaining
nitrates is key to obtaining the best coral coloration, healthy fish
and avoiding algae outbreaks.

How Biopellets remove nitrates and phosphates from the system

° nitrate loaded bacteria are removed via the protein skimmer
° Bacteria consume nitrates and process them down into nitrogen gas
° Nitrate loaded bacteria is consumed by tank inhabitants like corals and crustaceans

Bacteria need phosphate to process nitrate

Recommandend NO3:PO4 ratio = 1 : 0,01

Place 35-150ml of Pelletsper 100 Liter of Water in a fluidized reactor. Depending on your

system it takes 2-6 weeks for the bacteria poppulation to multiply and begin to consum your nitrates.

If nitrates >20ppm, place pellets gradually. Add extra pellets whenvolume in the reactor is decreasing over time.

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