Maxspect Coral Glue Gun (M-GG)

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264,60 EUR per kg

The Maxspect Coral Glue Gun is a unique system that distributes a fast-drying gel, with a high consistency, ideal for gluing fragments of coral, even the largest ones.

By pressing the gun trigger, just apply the necessary quantity of glue you need to fix your corals or coral fragments, both out of the water or underwater.

The application nozzle allows you to reach very precisely areas even where access is difficult.

The Maxspect glue gun is easy to use and keeps your hands clean.

The Maxspect glue gun is made of stainless steel materials.

The glue tubes are replaceable. (Cyanoacrylate gel glue.)

Safe for fish and invertebrates


1 x pistol

1 x glue cartridge (50 gr)

2 x tips

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