AquaConnect NanoFood 100 mL

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The successful keeping of filtering organisms and azooxanthellate corals in the coral reef aquarium requires a continuous supply of the well-groomed animals with a suitable, particulate food. Since the limited coral reef aquarium habitat is not capable of producing such food sources independently, and therefore an external provision of food by the aquarist becomes necessary, NANOfood has been developed. NANOfood is a novel feed mixture specially developed for the nutrition of azooxanthellate gorgonians, soft and small polyp stony corals. Both animal and vegetable components were mixed in particulate form in an optimal ratio, so that the variety of different food specialists in the coral reef aquarium, the preferred food source is provided.

Floating food for filtrating organisms and azooxanthellate corals. Contains animal and vegetable, as well as mineral components in partikel form.

  • prolongs the life of many filter
  • feeders and corals promotes growth
  • is ideal in particle size before
  • easy to handle


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