Fauna Marin ultra soft clownfish food 60 g of granulate size M (10340)

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Sole Food for marine ornamental fish. Fauna Marin Soft Clownfish Food for the perfect coloration and growth of all clownfishes and damsels in reef tanks.

Fauna Marin Clown Fish-food is developed for the needs of clown fish and Damsels.

A soft granular food with extremely high nutrient and ingredient proportions. Soft as natural food organisms, it contains, among other high-quality marin proteins, vitamins and Omega 3-6 fatty acids, as well as over 1400 mg astaxanthin.

This food is as close to natural food like no other. It is perfect for all clownfish and damselfish and equally suitable for other coral fish.

The coloration and resistance force is strengthened. Contains no unnecessary fillers and is therefore very effective. A new special is the increasing of the contrast and white color of the clownfishes.
Many professional Clownfishbreeder in the US uses that food for their broodstockfishes and grow out stations.
Now also available for private aquarists.

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