aqua biotica Ca(OH)2 calcium hydroxide for Kalkwasser 1000 mL (500g) (2

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Ca(OH)2 is chemically purest calcium hydroxide which became popular in the mid 1980's, mainly due to the publications of Peter Wilkens.
It was in that time as well as today a easy to use chemical source for calcium ions which are naturally being consumed by coralline algae and stony corals. It's potential to rise aquarium pH is a further advantage which is especially of great relevance in those tanks suffering chronic low pH levels (e.g. kalkreaktor driven systems).
It is usually applied along with the topping up of evaporated water in marine aquaria.

Main characteristics:
- very pure chemical
- solubility in water: 1.7 g per L (20°C)
- pH (saturated solution): 12.6 (20°C)

Recommended application:
Add approx. 1/2 tablepoon Ca(OH)2 per 1 L RO- or tap water. Suspend the non-soluble
particles once and let the particulate matter sediment for approx. 12 hours. Use the clear
supernatant as additive, i.e. as top up water. The material can be used 3-4 times before a new preparation becomes necessary.

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