ATI Hybrid LED-Powermodul 4x80 Watt T5 + 4x75 Watt LED WiFi (10103)

Product no.: 120608

*NEU* ATI Hybrid-Powermodule WiFi *NEU*

  • LED-T5 Pendant Lamp Unit
  • 2 programmable Channels for T5 Bulbs
  • 4 programmable Channels per 75 Watt LED Cluster
  • Control-Unit with WiFi Hotspot for an easy programming at any device with webbrowser and WiFi
  • incl. Hanging Kit, Reflectors, Active Cooling, Acryl Splashguard

Length (depending on type) 572 mm - 1473 mm

Width (depending on type) 305 mm - 517 mm

Height 60 mm

power (depending on type) T5 power 4 X 24 W - 8 X 80 W

LED power (depending on type) 1 X 75 W - 4 X 75 W

LED cluster

  • Channel 1: Violet
  • Channel 2: Blue
  • Channel 3: Royal Blue
  • Channel 4: White

Number of channels maximum 18 channels (4 channels per LED cluster + two T5)

available colors

  • shiny white (RAL 9016)
  • Matt Black (RAL 9005)
  • Silver (E6 / EV1 anodised)


The new ATI LED luminaire combines the energy efficiency of the LED lighting with the balanced color and light balance of the T5 lighting.

  • No loss of coral colors or uneven growth due to shadowing of pure LED lighting.
  • Complete 24 hours light control
  • Realistic sunrise sunset effects, and moonlight simulations.
  • Versatile color control
  • Each 75W LED cluster has four independently programmable LED color channels, each of which can be dimmed from 0-100%.
  • Silver reflective reflectors with 98% reflectance
  • Active cooling system

Easy to handle:

  • Intuitive, computer software makes it easy to set the lamp
  • Outstanding construction quality
  • Constructed from high quality materials and made up with modern production techniques.

Plug & Play

  • With the integrated controller, or the computer software, everything is included to the start
  • including height-adjustable suspension set


The biological value of light is crucial to our corals. But what is meant by biologically high-quality light?

In this case, the pure radiation intensity which is obtained, for example, with a PAR meter. Rather, the actually usable radiation ratio is crucial, which can be used by the corals (or their symbiontic algae) also for energy production. For corals, it is not important whether the light photon is generated by an LED, a fluorescent lamp or a Hallogen metal vapor lamp (HQI). It is only important how high the radiation intensity (PAR) is, how the radiation composition (proportion of the individual spectral colors / PUR) of the radiation is and at what angle the radiation hits the coral.

LED technology is technically a development. However, the pure radiation intensity is by no means all. Besides the right spectrum with a high blue content, it is important how the light hits the coral. Thus, a highly directed light coming from a small light spot results in a much stronger intrinsic shading of the coral than soft diffuse light generated by a T5 lamp.

The diffuse T5 light irradiates corals more evenly from all sides, whereby the coral is able to absorb more light and thus also to use the energy generation. From the coral's point of view, therefore, there are clear differences between directional LED light and diffuse T5 light of the same radiation intensity (PAR). In the case of diffuse T5 light, more lateral scattered light hits the coral, as a result of which more tissue is supplied with radiation. A coral which, on the other hand, is irradiated only on one side by an LED spotlight is not completely supplied with radiation and can thus have different deficiencies in the long term

Conclusion: High measured radiation intensities (PAR) of point sources of light are therefore not a guarantee for an optimal supply of light-armed rock corals. Therefore, the simple comparison of the technical data or the measured PAR values ??alone is not sufficient for assessing the biological value of different luminaires. Thus, e.g. a somewhat lesser PAR value may be better for a coral, if at the same time the radiation is rather diffuse and thus more radiation hits the cor- poral side tissue (epidermis).

The new ATI Hybrid Powermodule ideally complements the respective strengths of the individual light sources and simultaneously compensates possible shortcomings. The T5 lighting provides a diffuse, even and intense irradiation of the corals from almost all sides.

A dense natural growth form and an intensive coloration of the corals is thereby promoted.

The uniform illumination also allows for a more flexible positioning of light-throated stone corals in the aquarium.

The efficient LED technology combined with the easy programmability of the luminaire offers an incredible variety of individual settings.

This can be used to simulate a variety of light scenarios, to set special accents and, of course, to use the popular "Kringeleffekt"

including steel cable suspension, reflectors, active ventilation, acrylic spray water protection

Delivery withoutT5 illuminants

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WEEE Reg. 65229018 ATi

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. 65229018 ATi


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