Aqua Illumination Hydra 32 HD (xxxxx) black or white

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Product information "AI Hydra HD 32 LED" The Hydra 32HD is now thinner and slimmer. This model offers a higher level of control and performance. With a maximum of 90 W, the luminaire produces high power with high energy efficiency. The dispersion of this lamp is perfect for aquaria up to 60 x 60 cm or can be used in larger systems to several.

Improved features

- more LEDs
- more PAR
- more dispersion
- improved optical design
- improved water resistance
- slimmer profile
- own moonlight channel
- wider range (channels)
- easier and faster connection with the MyAi app

The redesign of the Hydra line has resulted in two major benefits: more efficiency and better aesthetics. Efficiency improvements reduce the need for active cooling, resulting in longer component life. By reducing the tread depth, a better presence of the light in the aquarium is guaranteed. Water resistance is an important aspect in aquarium lighting - and although the new Hydras are not waterproof, their design innovations make them more resistant to accidental splash and moisture from the environment.

The performance in terms of PAR, color mixing and scattering is improved with the new devices. The use of more LEDs results in a more complete spectrum. TIR (TotalInternal Reflection) lenses efficiently focus light energy in different directions. The positioning of the LEDs and the lens geometry mix the light from the clusters, further reducing color separation. The new Hydra 64HD has its own moonlight LED and a dedicated channel added. This allows for independent moonshine programs that deliver the desired aesthetics without being part of the main program, potentially exposing the animals to too high a "dose".

When the Hyperdrive TM HD technology came on the market with the previous generation of AI lights, it revolutionized the way LED colors could be controlled. It brought more power and color to where you needed it for your corals and fish, as well as the freedom to use your smartphone or mobile device as a controller. This unique innovation in aquarium lighting is still groundbreaking, allowing you to direct the energy of the LED colors that are not needed to the colors you want to intensify. This gives you access to the maximum power of your light, regardless of the choice of spectrum, allowing you to create very vibrant colors in your pool. By coupling HD technology with the latest TIR color mixing lenses, we can direct all light into the aquarium where it is needed, ensuring the best possible PAR with minimal loss of light or glare to the viewer.

The lights are controlled via the existing myAi app, which is free, easy and very fast to program, enabling a direct BLE connection on-site via your smart mobile device.


Hydra® 32HD

Length 7.28in. (18.5cm)
Width 5.375in. (13.7cm)
Height 1.42in. (3.6cm)
Weight 2.1lbs. (0.95kg)
Power Specifications
Power Consumption 95W from the wall
Universal Input Range 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
Cable Length 14ft. 8in. (4.47m)
PSU Regulatory Compliance UL, CE & RoHS
What’s in the Box
AI Hydra® 32HD
Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide

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