GHL Temp-Sensor digital (PL-1115)

Product no.: 116593

Temperature sensor,BNC-plug, 3 m cable for GHL Doser 2

Warranty and Guarantee for Sensors

Sensors are items that wear out during normal use. The life span of a sensor is dependent on the environment and operation conditions. Due to many variables, it is not possible to offer a credible guarantee for a minimum life span. For electro-chemical sensors, a life span of 6 to 24 months is common. Electrical and mechanical sensors can operate for several years with normal care.

Therefore the legal warranty is not valid for these kinds of parts. Nevertheless, we wholeheartedly back the quality of our sensors by offering following guarantees:

Electrical sensors and mechanical sensors (level-sensor, temperature-sensor, conductivity-sensor, humidity-sensor) will be replaced in the first 12 months after purchase.) *

Electrochemical sensors (pH-electrode, redox-elektrode, oxygen-sensor) will be replaced in the first 6 months after purchase.) *

*Appropriate use, correct maintenance, and care is required. We offer no replacements for broken glass or other mechanical damages.

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