Emergency Overflow Outlet Pipework 32 mm/16 mm

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Outlet pipework with emergency overflow 32 mm/16 mm

Ideally, in sufficiently dimensioned overflow shafts, in addition to the main outlet bore (usually 42 mm bore for 32 mm ducts or 55 mm bore for 40 mm ducts), a further bore is provided as an emergency drain in order to prevent overflow of the skin aquarium in the event of blockage (e.g. by screws). The above-mentioned safety aspect can also be realized with only one existing bore in the overflow shaft using the drain pipe with integrated emergency drain pipe presented here.

Functional principle: Below the tank feed-through, the 32 mm drain pipe is divided with a 90° T-piece. In the vertical downward facing outlet there is a firmly glued or with Teflon tape sealed reduction 32/16 mm (here the inner counter-hold ring in the reduction is bored from our side, so that a 16 mm PVC pipe can be pushed through completely). Due to the reduction, a 16 mm PVC pipe is inserted from below through the T-piece and into the 32 mm drain pipe above it and pulled up into the drain shaft of the aquarium up to approx. 1-1.5 cm below the top edge of the shaft/comb. After the exact positioning of the 16 mm pipe, it must be glued in the reduction or firmly and securely sealed with Teflon tape.

In normal operation, the water in the overflow shaft drains through the 32 mm pipe and accumulates in the T-piece at the sealed reduction and then flows off into the filter basin via the lateral (horizontal) outlet of the T-piece.

If the 32 mm drain pipe becomes blocked, the water level in the overflow shaft inevitably rises.

A total blockade would overflow the aquarium. Due to the integrated 16 mm emergency overflow pipe, water can still drain through the 16 mm pipe into the filter basin.

See also the sketch.

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Scope of delivery:

  • 1x bushing with crimp ring 32 mm
  • 1x 50 cm PVC pipe 32 mm
  • 1x 80 cm PVC pipe 16 mm
  • 1x T-piece 90° 32 mm
  • 1x reduction short 32/16 mm (drilled up)
  • 1x angle 90° 32 mm

(the product picture shows the pipe parts after cutting the individual PVC pipe pieces, complete pipe pieces are supplied for individual cutting)

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