Emergency Overflow Outlet Pipework 50 mm/25 mm and ball valve

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Drain piping with emergency overflow 50 mm / 25 mm and ball valve

Ideally, in sufficiently dimensioned overflow wells in addition to the main drainage bore (usually 42 mm bore for 32 mm feedthroughs, 55 mm bore holes for 40 mm feedthroughs or 60 mm bore holes for 50 mm feedthroughs) another bore hole as an emergency procedure available to prevent constipation (eg by snails) overflowing the skin aquarium. With the drain piping with integrated emergency drain pipe presented here, the o.g. Safety aspect can be realized even with only one existing hole in the overflow shaft.

Functional principle:

Below the tank feed-through, the 40 mm drain line is split with a 90 ° T-piece. In the vertically downwards facing outlet sits a firmly bonded or sealed with Teflon tape reduction 40/20 mm (here is the inner counter ring in the reduction drilled from our side, so that a 20 mm PVC pipe can be completely durchgesteck). Due to the reduction, a 20 mm PVC pipe is inserted from below through the T-piece and into the overlying 40 mm drain pipe and pulled up to approx. 1-1.5 cm below the top of the manhole / comb in the drainage shaft of the aquarium. After the exact positioning of the 20 mm pipe, it must be glued in the reduction or sealed tightly and securely with Teflon tape. The water in the overflow shaft runs through the 40 mm pipe in normal operation and accumulates in the T-piece at the sealed reduction and then flows through the lateral (horizontal) outlet of the T-piece into the filter tank. Clogged the 40 mm drain pipe, it inevitably leads to an increase in the water level in the overflow shaft. Total blockade would overflow the aquarium. Thanks to the integrated 20 mm emergency overflow pipe, water can still drain through the 20 mm pipe into the filter tank in the drain piping presented here.

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Scope of delivery:

  • 1x bushing with crimp ring 50 mm
  • 1x 50 cm PVC pipe 50 mm
  • 1x 80 cm PVC pipe 25 mm
  • 1x T-piece 90 ° 50 mm
  • 1x reduction short 50/25 mm (drilled)
  • 1x angle 90 ° 50 mm
  • 1x ball valve 50 mm

(the product picture shows the pipe parts after cutting the single PVC pipe pieces, complete pipe pieces are delivered for the individual cutting)

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