Jebao MDP-5000 mit Controller (36505000)

Art.Nr.: 129045

Jebao new smart MDP pumps can be controlled through 2.4G WiFi, all you need is a smartphone and the Jebao App. Enhanced performance and precise control of flow through your aquarium's reactors, sump, or closed loop system.
With complete control through the Wi-Fi Controller, you can control 10 different speed and feed modes (10 minutes), Motor Protection if rotor is blocked.
Super quiet operation.
No copper components.
Wear resistant ceramic shaft, longer operation life. Features:
- 2.4G Wi-Fi (IOS + Andriod) + manual controller , LCD display controller
- No exposed cooper element, suitable for both marine and fresh water
- SINE wave technology, ultra quite, high stable performance
- IC electronic detection, automatic power-off protection upon no water,
Motor protection if rotor blocked

Specification: MDP-10000
- Power: 80-watt 110-120V 60Hz
- Max Flow: 2641gph
- Max head: 19.7ft
- Dimension: 8x5x6 inch

Specification: MDP-8000
- Dimension: 20.0x13x10.5cm
- Flow rate: 8000L/hr - H max: 5.2m
- Voltage: DC24V
- Power: 65w

Specification: MDP-6000
- Dimension: 20.0x13.0x10.5cm
- Flow rate: 6200L/hr
- H max: 4.5m
- Voltage: DC24V - Power: 45w

Specification: MDP-5000
- Dimension: 20.0x13.0x10.5cm
- Flow rate: 5500L/hr
- H max: 4.0m
- Voltage: DC24V - Power: 40w

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