Aqua Medic Easy Line 190 / Silicatfilter Set (U700.25/ U601.10)

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Aqua Medic Easy Line 190 / Silicate Filter Set (U700.25 / U601.10)

--- Manufacturer information on the osmosis system included in the set:

easy line For the treatment of tap water

For the production of soft and low salt water for marine and freshwater aquariums, for the spraying of terrariums and many other applications.

- easy line 190 approx. 190 l / day

The reverse osmosis systems of the easy line series are compact and powerful.

They also meet the highest standards of water quality. The fine filter retains all dirt particles over 5 μm. The charcoal pre-filter removes chlorine to protect the membrane. The module consists of diaphragm, pressure tube and flushing valve. The membrane is the heart of the system and crucial for the quality of pure water. In our plants we work exclusively with TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) membranes of the latest generation. The plants work with a yield of approx. 3-4: 1 (wastewater: pure water) and have a salt retention of up to 98%.

--- Manufacturer information on the demineralization filter included in the kit:

Demineralisation filter It contains a special ion exchange resin, which is connected downstream of a reverse osmosis unit to remove the last remains of non-retained substances.

Especially at high silicate contents in tap water this use helps to limit the growth of diatoms.

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