Sediment Filter Cartridge 5 Micron

Product no.: 112416

The sediment filter with a filtration size of 5 microns (corresponding to 5 / 1000th of a millimeter) consists of a high-quality non-woven polypropylene. The inline sediment filter has a very high number of open micropores which allows a particularly effective absorption of impurities on the entire surface. The excellent structure removed or reduced the sediment filter many particles such as Sand, mud, rust particles, and mechanical impurities from tap water.

The inline sediment filter is made of a special polypropylene which is particularly resistant to chemical agents while preventing the development of microorganisms.

The sediment filter is welded firmly in the housing. The filter housing has on both sides of an internal thread with ¼ inch connections.

Removes or reduces:

all coarse particles, which are larger than 5 microns (5 / 1000th of a millimeter)

Technical specifications:

Length: 28cm / 11 inches
Width: 6,35cm
Working temperature: 2 ° C - 45 ° C
Filtration size: 5 microns
Material: polypropylene nonwoven
Recommended filter change: every 6 months

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