Deltec MCE 400 hang on Skimmer (31110000)

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Technical details

  • Aquarium size: 400 to 500 liters
  • Power consumption: 9 watt
  • Air max.: 350 litre per h
  • Dimensions (LXBXH): 21.6 x 7.7 x 49 cm
  • Pump: Deltec DCS 400

Product Details

  • Compact skimmer
  • Provided with brackets for easy installation outside the aquarium
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Quick and easy removal of the pump

Operating Instructions

The Multi Compact External skimmer is ideal for ‘hang on’ installation directly onto the outside of the aquarium or sump and requires no further supply pump for highly efficient operation.


The skimmer has been packed in a partially disassembled state to prevent damage in transit. Study the diagram overleaf to reassemble. Do not switch on the recirculation pump however unless the pump is immersed or flooded with water.


Before you install the unit in position fill the body with fresh water from the mains supply to ensure that there has not been any damage in transit.


Hang the skimmer body on the outside of the aquarium in a suitable position. The inlet pipe is fitted with a strainer on one end, which simply pulls off for future cleaning.

- remove the skimmer cup

- fill the skimmer with aquarium water to just below the pipe openings in the skimmer body

- insert the 40 mm outlet pipe (No. 16) with a slightly twisting motion into the skimmer body

- push the degassing plate (No. 20) into the outlet pipe

- push the 20 mm suction pipe (No. 18) through the skimmers pipe adaptor into the suction elbow inside the skimmer body.

- Close the air tap

- Insert the foam cup into the skimmer app. 50 mm deep

- Start the pump, after a short while the pump and the suction pipe will be bled of all air

- Open the air tap

- The skimmer is now ready for operation

- Make sure that both silicone hoses are not blocked or kinked.

Please note

Before reinserting the skimmer cup, make sure that lid No. 12 is pushed right against the stop. Pressing down fixing plate no. 14 makes I easier.

Operation and setting

Leave the skimmer to settle down for a day or so before final adjustment. After two to three days, or earlier in a previously unskimmed tank, a thick brown foam will be produced at the neck of the skimmer. Move the skimmer cup up or down to collect this foam. Moving the cup downwards will result in an increased quantity of wetter foam and moving it up the foam will be drier and the collected fluid darker. The top screw No. 21 can be adjusted to create a slight pressure to fix the skimmer cup in position It is recommended that the skimmer cup is emptied every 2-4 days or as required. The cup should be wiped clean of any fatty deposits as build up of this waste product will greatly reduce the performance. Whilst cleaning leave the pump switched off, for 15 minutes to allow any salt deposits in the venturi tube to dissolve.

Use with ozone

skimmers are suitable for use with ozone and will automatically suck the gas through the venturi hose. A maximum volume of 25 mg/h should be used on tank volumes that are suitable for this skimmer. Do not use excessive ozone, as it is dangerous and can cause severe headaches.



The skimmer range should require very little adjustment and maintenance. Due to the high levels of calcium in marine aquariums and large volumes of air drawn in, it is common for deposits to accumulate. Regular introduction of a small amount of RO water into the inlet tap whilst running may help to prevent any build up of salt and debris in the venturi.

WEEE-Reg.-Nr.: DE39305368


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