aqua biotica CA special salt for calcium supply 1 kg

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Calciumchlorid Dihydrat

Special salt for calcium supply for each H.-W.Balling system

° in eco-friendly reclosable zipper stand-up pouch

(less plastic means less plastic trash)


Purest special salt for the calcium supply and
maintenance of the CA value in any aquarium.

Suitable for all filter systems especially for all methods according to H.-W. Balling
(see H.-W. Ballingsysteme or Two Part Systems and many more). The method developed by Hans-Werner Balling
and their modifications provide a simple method to maintain and compensate the required
macro elements (carbonate hardness, calcium and magnesium) in successful reef aquariums.
aquabiotica special salts offer a cross-system opportunity to balance these important macro elements
and can be completed by NaCl-free sea salt or trace elements from various manufacturers.

aquabiotica special salts are: .

highly pure

so your valuable corals are not burdened with unwanted foreign substances
favorable for the environment
our special salts come from Germany, therefore there is no long shipping from far east across the ocean
favorable for your aquarium
it only gets what your corals need for a colorful and healthy growth

For application, it is best to use a calculation tool such as the Balling calculator of
Mrutzek Meeres-Aquaristik GmbH (
or the AquaCalculator or any equivalent Calculator
Use the information for calcium chlorid dihydrate (CaCl2 x 2H2O)


Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Powder = 99%, Ph. Eur., USP, BP, DAB, FCC, E50 Our Calcium Chloride Dihydrate product complies with a 97-103% standard. Experience has shown us the last batches of the product show that the content always tends to be 101% so it is classified at least pure. Is the degree of purity p.a. (for analysis) for a dialysis quality, we can only add that a dialysis quality not only has to have a high degree of purity, but also has to be pyrogen-free, i. the number of bacterial endotoxins must be at max. 3 I.E./g lie. Summary: for our product calcium chloride dihydrad we can say that this grade is p.a. (for analysis).

3.67 grams of CaCl2 x 2 H2O = 1000 mg of calcium

3.67 grams of CaCl2 x 2 H2O increase 100 liters by 10 mg / liter

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