Salifert Profi Test phosphate

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approx. 60 tests

Instructions for the Salifert Phosphate ProfiTest

Wrong results are obtained when the carbonate hardness is greater than 20 dKH.

Normally, however, the hardness of the carbonate hardness is well below the stated values.

WARNING! The reagent from the PO4-1 bottle contains dilute hydrochloric acid and is corrosive to skin and eyes.

In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

If the reagent gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek immediate medical advice.

Medical advice should also be obtained immediately if the solution has been swallowed.

Keep out of the reach of children! Not suitable for consuming.


1. Fill 10 ml of test water into the test vessel with the enclosed syringe.

2. To do this, drip 4 drops of the reagent from the PO4-1 bottle and then gently shake the test tube for 10 seconds.

3.) For this purpose a coated spoon of powder PO4-2. Carefully mix the contents of the test tube for exactly 30 seconds.

4.) Place the opened test vessel in front of the color chart on a portion of the blackboard; compare the colors. Read the phosphate content at the matching color. A color which is between two depicted colors corresponds to a phosphate content of between.

The phosphate values ??are given in mg / L phosphate. If you prefer the content in mg / L phosphate phosphorus, divide the result by 3 or use the table given.

mg / L Phosphat // mg / L Phosphat - Phosphor

0,03 (good ) // 0,01

0,10 (crit) // 0,03

0,25 (inhibits coral grow ) // 0,08

0,50 // 0,17

1,00 // 0,33

3,00 // 1,00


Double the amount of water and the amount of test reagents, half the value read.


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